Boot Camp

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Is a fitness program that offers Boxing instruction, nutritional counseling and motivational training – packed with fun and energizing activities designed to help you reach your fitness goals. Whether you want to lose weight to fit into those skinny jeans, shed the extra pounds from a pregnancy or just get fit for yourself and your loved ones, this is the program for you! ***Call for availability and start times***

What if I’m not very physically fit?

NOBODY will be left behind or asked to complete more than they are capable of doing safely. Nor will anybody go home unchallenged! Students of all ages and abilities are welcome to participate. Each day will slightly increase in intensity. You will inspire and be inspired by others.

What types of exercises are included in the program?

Exercises include: core conditioning, Boxing drills, Medicine ball & kettle bells, ABS-ABS-ABS, short distance jogging, lunges, muscular strength, jumping rope, circuit training, obstacle courses, sit ups, push-ups, Pilates, games, surprises, and more!

Email for registration and start times